Working papers

Ambiguity Aversion and the Declining Price Anomaly: Theory and Estimation with Gagan Ghosh and Heng Liu. [draft]

Presented at: ESWC, ESWS, IIOC, Lund U, Stockholm School of Economics, Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN).

Identificiation of Interdependent Values in Sequential First-Price Auctions with Gagan Ghosh and Heng Liu. [draft]

(revision requested by International Journal of Industrial Organization)

Work in progress

Ambiguity Aversion and the Decreasing Price Anomaly: An Experimental Study with Ola Andersson and Jim Ingebretsen Carlson

Wage Compression, Human Capital and Technology with Sofia Hernnäs and Maria Olsson.

Nationally Televised Games and Stadium Attendance: The Case of College Football in the 1950s [email for draft]